north perk coffee

a third space in your life to sip, work, and connect

Situated at the heart of charming Gaslight District in downtown Petoskey, MI, North Perk Coffee offers the best place in town to enjoy a freshly brewed cup, and we can say it's the best because we know: we roast our own (Petoskey Roasting Company info here!).  Our baristas are friendly, knowledgable, and love coffee.  It is our mission every day to offer our community a space to work, meet, connect, or relax.  For customers we offer fast wireless internet with lots of outlets, have a bookshelf of books to read, take, share, as well as a keep stocked a few card games to enjoy with friends.  As we continue to grow, we hope to feature nights full of musicians, thinkers, artists ... please, we invite you to come and join us!


Petoskey Roasting Company


13oz Bagged Coffee We roast our own coffee under the company name Petoskey Roasting Company, and are proud to bring you a selection of organic, fair-trade, rainforest alliance coffees from around the world.  We rotate our countries of origin seasonally and enjoy learning about and tasting the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) nuances between the differing regions and roast profiles.  Order online here


North Perk T-Shirt Printed on a comfy cotton heathered tri-blend so it already feels like a worn in favorite.  Call to order: 231 753 2053

$22.00 (includes shipping)

North Perk Coffee Aprons Aprons are way more fun to wear when they speak your mind!  Printed on natural, organic aprons.  Adjustable neck pulls make these a good fit for just about everyone. Choose from the following four phrases /1/I put coffee in my coffee// /2/Love you so matcha// /3/Espresso Yourself// /4/Bean me up, Biscotti//   Call to order: 231 753 2053

$25.00 (includes shipping)

Great Lakes Proud Sticker In a variety of colors (dark blue, light blue, white, tye dye blue/green pastel, Petoskey stone print) this sticker looks cool just about anywhere (car, laptop, water bottle, fridge) AND money goes towards saving the Great Lakes. Call to order: 231 753 2053

$6.00 (includes shipping)

Coffeeology Soaps (handmade just for us by local Bliss Soaps) Offered in some of our customer favorites, let this all natural coffee inspired soap be a treat every time you wash your hands.  Scents: Mocha Java, Cafe Miel, Peppermint Latte, or Pumpkin Spice Latte. Call to order: 231 753 2053

$10.00 (includes shipping)