New Year

It's January 28th, which is technically not the NEW year, but it's also not like, August, so I do feel justified in keeping this post title "New Year".  I've sat down to write it about 30 times but wouldn't you know that with a new baby, 3 shops, a roasting company and lots of family time this was the first chance I had to really sit down!  And you know what I decided?  To keep it short and sweet.  That seems most manageable and brings me full circle to what I'm setting my goals on as we get started with 2018.

This year I hope to fine tune my own skills with some back-end work regarding running a business (re: bookkeeping, accounting, taxes ... you know, the fun stuff *womp womp*) and carve out more time away from running the business (#momlife).  I'd like to feel like I'm recharged more often than I do now: reenergized.  And I'd like to feel like I'm accomplishing tasks I've been meaning to get to -- which brings me to the "keep it short and sweet".  Instead of putting pressure on myself to get it all done, I'm going to focus on breaking things down.  Now that I'm a mom, I feel pretty darn good with small but steady! (Like slow but steady except small tasks!)

If you haven't met her yet, sweet Nina Marie is the motivation behind these things.  I'd like to head into 2018 with a clearer mind, but also a softer mindset.  It will all get done.  In time.  And coffee helps :)  

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope you reach them!  Winter in northern Michigan always makes me feel like my new perspective is attainable.  I hope you feel that way too.

Coffee cheers, Brittany