Holly August

If you've ever met anyone who drinks more shots of espresso in their latte, we dare you to prove it.  Holly found her way to North Perk by way of brightly colored hair and a love of caffeine and one day we plucked her out of a booth and she's been behind the counter ever since.  Our own little Taylor Swift, Holly runs our open mics at the shop and is fully in charge of making sure we never run out of whipped cream.  Holly is passionate about acoustic covers of gangster rap songs, mastering the art of the perfect shop selfie, and mom purses.


Favorite drink: 6 shot iced latte




Becca Cesario, (part time but never allowed to leave fully!)

Becca is our resident weekend warrior and full time high school student.  Not only has she perfected the art of folding a coffee filter into a beautiful paper flower, but her ballet skills make it easy for her to multi-task gracefully under busy conditions.  Becca is passionate about hunting for great sweaters, hosting tea parties, and organizing the messes we create during the week while she's away.

Favorite drink: doppio con panna









Robin Crowley, honorary employee

Robin hung her hat (or apron, rather) at North Perk during her summers to northern Michigan but we include her on our website as an employee because we are in denial that she graduated from college and left us.  She spends her time in the sky now showing the world a little something about Southern Hospitality, but we'll never forget the "summer of the bathroom incident" and for that she will be remain a founding member 4 lyfe.  Robin is passionate about Tupac Shakur, taking beautiful photos (easy for her!) and dog-sitting Juni when Brittany is away.

Favorite drink: iced chai







Brittany Brubaker, owner

The paths of grading English essays on the beach, knocking out too many rooms of lath and plaster, and assuring tourists that you can indeed surf in Michigan have naturally led Brittany to see her dream of opening her own coffee shop come to fruition.  In her spare time (what spare time?!) she enjoys reading a good book or paddleboarding  and hiking with her dog, Juni.  She is passionate about women in business, black coffee, and laying in the grass by the water on a sunny day.

Favorite drink:  8oz Americano

Ross Hooley, manager

Ross moonlights full time here in the summer with us and we are honored to have him as he is the ONLY employee with any type of business degree.  Ross may be the best milk steamer we've ever seen, but we feel most lucky when he schleps in his record player to fill the shop with Simon and Garfunkel tunes.  Ross is passionate about, banging on steel drums, and working with Becca & Brittany.

Favorite drink: the North Perk

Avery Alexander

AKA The Angry Heathen, although we find him quite the opposite of angry, has found himself a home at NPC and we couldn't be happier. Besides his sweet light saber collection, we are most impressed with his ability to fool everyone into thinking he is 37 (the beard helps).  True story: one time a man walked into the shop who was taller than Avery.  Avery is passionate about David Bowie Pandora, staying up until 5AM on his day off, and perfecting the steaming temperature of almond milk.

Favorite drink: mocha




Marion Watson









Dave Ader, barista/chalkboard artist

Coffee isn't the only reason Dave gets out of bed early - he is an avid fisherman in the area too.  If he isn't slingin' drinks behind the bar, you can probably find him making something look a little bit better: Dave is a talented artist and does a good job of "spiffy-ing" up the signs, posters, and even cup sleeves.  He is passionate about acoustic covers of Britney Spears songs, broken guitars, and repurposing things for art projects.

Favorite drink: almond milk mocha





Olivia Statler

I'd be lying if I told you Olivia's loyalty to MSU was not a factor in her hiring interview, but we are also lucky to have her here because she can balance a bag of oranges on her head and we just feel like that might come in handy someday.  When she isn't donating her time to improving the quality of life in Africa, we are lucky to have her here slinging drinks and giggling behind the counter.  Olivia is passionate about thinking about collecting b.may bags, kicking around soccer balls, and rigging chili cook-off events in favor of Brittany's cooking stills (PS Brittany still didn't win).

Favorite drink: cubano shots